A friend posted the above meme today, and of course, since it was 4:30 a.m. in the morning, my usual time to study my spiritually inclined tomes and meditate on my spiritually inclined thoughts, and pray my pathetically needy inclined prayers, I, of course instead, chose to respond at length to this post. Here are my hastily but life-time-so -far thoughts on the above post.

What I didn’t say in the post, but do now, is that this is the sort of post, I think Jesus would have responded to with the same harsh words he said to his disciple…

“Homeless Jesus” by Hyatt Moore

What in the Name of Christ Would We Know About That?!?!

By Jane Tawel

May 29, 2021


I see a lot of posts and hear,

a lot of folks who rage or fear,

about the suffering that they do,

and how they pray for me and you.

They don’t seem usually to reflect,

on how they’re getting what they get,

but think instead that God should bless,

them more than He should bless the rest.


And as we privileged ones complain,

I ask myself, (and them) again:

As we grow rich and we grow fat,

While others live…

You ask at one point, "Who would have thought?" -- well, actually every single author in the Bible thought this, let alone Jesus The Christ. Our entire religion, (which is really meant to be the religion of the Hebrews with "a twist") is based on "in the world but not of it", "give to Caesar what he wants but keep for God what is His", the Exodus, Nehemiah's story of leaving politics for God, the Babylonian exile, Paul imprisoned speaking with a degree of wiliness against the State of Rome, and of course the great Revelation, that reveals the three…

“Earth Worm” by DJ SINGH is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

HerStory Steps Into the Ring

By Jane Tawel

May 13, 2021

And someone said that “History isn’t the story that actually happened, you know.”

“History is the story of what they want to believe.”

And all I could manage to mumble was,

“there will be wars and the rumors of wars”.


The newspapers had started to look almost cheery in my country;

But then I remembered that though

the civil warmongers on my shores,

had made their peace by making new confederate flags,

flags that appeared to me,

seen from the distance of my dismay,

all blackened and borrowed.


I Will (Try to) Not Be Proud of People I Love

First in a Series of Incremental Sight-Changes : How to Be Proud, Without Being Prideful

By Jane Tawel

May 8, 2021

About a year ago, I began to recognize this phrase I said to people I was close to, and that I said to them fairly often I think, as something that I assumed was true, but in actuality was an off-brand. The phrase is: “I am proud of you”, and I said it as something that seemed good but was, in fact a trued line that had gone…

What We Had and Have


Transformations: What We Had and Have

By Jane Tawel

May 1, 2021


There are things that transform,

Sometimes, good, sometimes bad.

And one thing that can change us

are things we have had;

like a memory,

a story,

or that one special look

from a person that loved us,

or a scene in its glory,

or a place we once lived,

or the self we forgive.


In past things that have happened

and are seared into our minds,

are the things in the present the soul longs to find —

a meaning and truth to help light The…

Yes. As an American I am completely and utterly baffled as well. My son was just graded down on a paper on the comparison of crime statistics between some European countries and America, when he added the cultural difference between them of gun rights and ownership and murders and crimes committed with guns. Graded a whole letter grade down because despite statistics, the professor gave the irrational but strange American mindset slogan of the infamous NRA defense, "people kill, not guns". So, my son learned in American education that it is better to tow the party line of America than…


When I Killed God

By Jane Tawel

April 24, 2021


While it’s true that as a child,

there were incidents, bad things that happened against my will,

(because of course, a child is born with a soul, but not a will);

and while my exposure to events I accidently lived,

were pale in comparison to those children over there,

that child that lives in a different yard than I did;

it was still a thing that happened to me early on,

that some adults who thought they loved me,

killed God.

In fact, like you maybe,

I still have…

I will not take my privilege today to co-op someone else’s pain or another community’s long struggle. I will, however, “be with” those focused on another attempt in our struggle for justice and righteousness in this nation. I am “holding my breath” today awaiting with heavy heart, justice for the ones who “cannot breathe”. I am saddened and afraid and trying to truly feel, truly empathize with those who know what it is like to wait on yet another verdict for those whose breath, dignity, and very lives have been taken from them. I will feel the guilt of my…

Jane Tawel

Still not old enough to know better. Enjoys philosophy, spirituality, poetry, books of all genres.Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement.

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