Brooks Parks: Would you consider publishing this as a Part 2 of your previous post to which I was responding? This is another great example of your ability to think, “speak”, and “walk” all at the same time, :-) and you do so with honesty and an attitude of curiosity about yourself and “All”. In other words, I like very much your writing what feels like thoughts in real time as you seek, as you say, The Tao. I would agree with you that far too many religious or spiritual people (mea culpa many, many times) have killed or at least numbed a sense of mystery about “Godness”, mystery about humanity, and joyful curiosity about all the many unknowns and mysteries that we, when honest, all live with and in. It is quite lovely to hear more about your explorations in these mysteries. I say “lovely” because you have used pain and doubt, uncertainty and struggle to plant seeds and grow them. Thank you so much, Jane

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Still not old enough to know better. Enjoys philosophy, spirituality, poetry, books of all genres.Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement.

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