The First Could Be The Last

Jane Tawel
2 min readMay 19, 2024
Thomas Park, Unsplash

The First Could Be The Last

By Jane Tawel

May 19, 2024


The first cup of coffee

The last drops of tea,

The argument you always win

The look the mirror gives back to me


And birds in full cacophony

And trees that hold their secrets

And flowers that always, always die

And smiles, so rare, from strangers


But thoughts of you and them and us

But memories of such and thus

But dreams like intersection lights

But sleeping days and wakeful nights.


Ah, Life! Too short, too short to grasp.

Oh, love too small and love too vast.

Oh, seize the day, seize just this moment.

Awake and breathe. Drink deeply. Love.

This too shall pass.

This morning’s cup may be my last.

And what will be, no soul can see.



Jane Tawel

Still not old enough to know better. Enjoys philosophy, spirituality, poetry, books of all genres.Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement.