This was very good and absolutely true. I appreciated your intelligence, historical anecdotes, and good advice. I would only feel it important to add, however the following. The one thing you don’t deal with in this article, understandably, but which also must go hand in hand with personal health, is healing our planet. It is critical that we also recognize there is a huge need to deal with the health of our environment and this requires, a lot of communal work as has been done during the sheltering in times of this pandemic. Clean water, clean air, less stress and more equity in pay and health care are vital, in order to reduce stress and make health available for all. These things are critical to the health of all of us — rich and poor alike, as we should note as obvious during this pandemic. People who barely make a living wage, don’t have the resources to care for their health in the same way people with resources do. An individual who can survive “drinking a glass of disease”, must also be aware that in the end, we are only as strong as we are when we care for everyone with the same care we would our own selves.

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Still not old enough to know better. Enjoys philosophy, spirituality, poetry, books of all genres.Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement.

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