Yes! I have been "lucky" that I have people in my life who have been speaking this exact message into my consciousness and into my heart. They have helped me know exactly what to DO, so even though I keep writing (and quite a bit longer than small hashtags :-) ) I am also doing -- protesting, writing to government officials, donating to the causes I believe can make a difference (ex. The Bail Project) "buying black"-- and calling out people who say racist or ignorant things. I am not at all bragging here merely saying I am so glad for your essay here on this and hope many people who haven't had the same expert black voices speaking into their lives as I have, will listen and DO IT! I am still ignorant, I know, I still will never really understand -- I'm so sorry --but as you say -- I am really trying to own my own guilt and culpability -- no excuses. Keep at me, okay?

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Still not old enough to know better. Enjoys philosophy, spirituality, poetry, books of all genres.Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement.

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